Security Audit


With Our services, your organizations receive a customized database security solution that provides real-time, reliable protection for your business-critical databases. Database Auditing and Breach Protection services  help insiders by alerting them to attacks in real time and terminating sessions that violate predefined security policies.Customers protect their most valuable and sensitive data from external threats and malicious programs.


Benefits of  Database Auditing and Breach Protection Services:

  • 24×7 Breach Protection Services
    Our security analysts provide 24×7 breach protection and security monitoring services. Breach protection criteria can be quickly tailored to identify, notify, and/or terminate sessions that violate policies and quarantine suspicious users.


  • Compliance Audit Reporting
    Tier 2 support customers can take advantage of database auditing that adheres to industry auditing best practices including those for PCI DSS, SOX, HIPAA, GLBA, and SSAE16/SAS70. SarvaCorp will build auditing controls that specifically monitor and report on all access to sensitive data.


  • Secure Tiered Service Offerings
    As businesses of all sizes are prone to data breaches, we offers tiered service levels that allow organizations to tailor a security and compliance program to fit their needs.


  • Vulnerability Assessments
    Our vulnerability assessments provide customers with the detailed, actionable information needed to remediate database security gaps. we works with the customer to mitigate or completely resolve all database vulnerability issues.


  • Sensitive Customer Data Encryption
    Our process allows you to detect and encrypt at-risk information, following best practices for each DBMS to ensure your sensitive data remains secure from external and internal threats.


  • Secure Database Processes
    We work with you to develop and document procedures for reviewing current and historical database structure changes along with their associated authorizations, to meet PCI and SOX requirements Vendors must constantly publish new patches to respond to hackers’ attacks. We regularly analyze your situation and determine which patches are mandatory to maintain the security of your database installation.


  • Database User Id and Password Management
    Database users are often assigned more privileges than they actually require, making security monitoring problematic. We ensure that appropriate password management policies and guidelines are developed, implemented and maintained in accordance with industry standards.