Database Hardening

Database servers are the most important servers in any organization.If your organization handles data then you face two major challenges: how to meet data compliance requirements and effectively protect data from theft.Database  store all the most critical company information that includes client details, financial information, employee details, product designs and more – all the data that keeps your company in business which needs to be secure. 

The big challenge for companies today – particularly as email and the Internet make sharing and distributing corporate information easier than ever – is to strike the right balance between providing workers with appropriate access and protecting sensitive information as much as possible.


  • Monitoring Database Activity Monitor of database activity helps you to efficiently enforce database compliance through automated processes, audit analysis, and customizable reports across all database platforms.


  • Database Firewall Database Firewall keeps your organization out of risk with datacenter security that can see all traffic, reduce exposure of unpatched database servers, and stop advanced targeted attacks.    


  • Database Assessment You can’t protect against problems if you don’t know they exist. Database Assessment solves that issue by quickly identifying sensitive data, database vulnerabilities and misconfigurations so that you can prioritize and mitigate them.


  • User Rights Management for Databases User Rights Management for Databases helps you establish an automated process for access rights reviews, and demonstrate compliance with regulations.