Performance Tuning



Performance Tuning is absolutley critical for the effective functioning of your application. There are various levels in which tuning is done.


Our proactive tuning ensures optimal performance of your database every time. We do a study of the environment and your internal applications to understand the various bottle necks faced and provide suggestions to improve the efficiency. The bottle necks in your environment are identified by load testing and performance testing. Our experienced DBA’s will help you build highly effective design that is capable of handling high volume with high performance.


Tuning can be done to achieve a short-term needs that can be quickly implementable or as a long-term standard solutions. Short-term solutions like query tuning, archiving, creating indexes, purging can be done to achieve performance in quick time that will temporarily solve the performance problem. Long-Term solutions like clustering, log shipping and replication can be done to maintain high performance over a long period of time. Our DBA’s will provide you suggestions for short-term and long-term that will better suit your environment.




There are various levels in which tuning is done

  • Hardware Analysis – Our DBA monitor system performance and check for disk I/O rates and latencies, CPU, and memory usage in your environment.
  • Database Server Analysis – Our DBA analyze database and operating system statistics to determine the overall health and usage of the system.
  • SQL Analysis – Our DBA will identify slow running SQL statement and tune them to improve performance by using better execution plans or by changing query logic.
  • Table Analysis – Our DBA will analyze the queries and check whether any tables requires further indexing or partitioning.
  • Application Architecture – Our DBA will provide recommendations for changes in application, such as the use of a transaction monitor, cluster, or changes to LUN assignment, indexes or database layout.