Subscription Plan

Subscription Plan



Monitoring Services keeps track of Alert log files, Database performance, Database health, Backup jobs, Server Availability, Network outages and Disk space issues. We also help Automating daily routine activities and send automated email for notification and reports. We also do provide Support in case of any production outages



Basic service provides all services of Monitoring with more additional database related services. We handle Database Service request like Installing database software, Creating database, Performing upgrades, Backup Recovery when needed, Maintain access control, Perform data/index/disk re-organizations,Perform SQL/database/instance tuning, Execute and verify DDL/DML/scripts provided by the application team and Support for application or business users



Premium service provides all services of Basic Service with much more value additions. We will be using tools to proactively improve Database Environment by providing Architecture level recommendations, Fully automated procedures to identify risks before they appear, Advanced query tuning using tools, Creating Database Security standards as per compliance, and improvements to DR Setup.